Welcome to Wicked Chicken Brewing. 


Our goal is to make delicious beer and to help you make delicious beer. We can show you that it isn't rocket science. Some of the best beer you'll ever have can be made in the comfort of your own home with the most basic equipment.


We believe that beer promotes social bonding. Whether it be sharing your latest creation or sitting down with friends over a few beverages, beer helps us relax.


To be completely transparent, the future of Wicked Chicken Brewing is to evolve into a social space. A brewery and taproom, if you will. As you can imagine, that isn't cheap. So our business plan is to start small. Invest in some good equipment and brew like crazy. Our opinion is that we learn best by teaching others, so why not enlighten others in the joys of crafting their own beer. We get feedback on what does and doesn't work.


We welcome you to try a class and a glass. Let us know what you think.


Something wicked this way comes...